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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have you ever seen a puppy-angel?!

Now you have!!
This is a photo of two very special puppy-angels and Ella!

This morning Ella and I (poor Dan was out of town again) had the very delightful pleasure of meeting these two beautiful, sweet sisters from Alabama- Brittany (left) and Brooke (right).

They have now completed their second rescue mission- bringing dogs from overcrowded shelters/pounds in the South up to New Hampshire to be adopted.
They have helped to save 57 puppy souls... amazing!

Only yesterday morning (Friday) they left the Shelby Humane Society in Alabama with 24 shelter dogs, and drove all day and night to get them to New Hampshire this morning (Saturday) and then delivered the dogs to two NH Humane Societies where the pups will find their new families! To put this into perspective this is a 1,200 mile drive way!

I can only imagine how well Brooke & Brittany will sleep tonight knowing that they gave all these dogs the best gift of all... a new chance to find a loving family.
This is their blog about their trips..... One Dog at a Time.

From the second I spoke to Brooke & Brittany on the phone, and then meeting them in person they felt like family! We visited for a short while, and then they were off on the road again immediately heading home! I was teary watching them drive away, wishing they could have stayed the weekend. Hopefully on their next rescue mission they can come visit and stay longer!

It was a very special experience to watch the dogs being welcomed to the Nashua Humane Society. There were about 5 staff members there talking and cooing and loving the dogs as they were taken out of their travel crates.

While all the dogs were adorable and cute, this little one really touched my heart. Her travel name is Calamity Jane.... she was in the middle of the van and while most of the dogs were barking and anxious to quickly get out of their crates, this little lovely waited quietly and patiently as all the other dogs were removed. She was the last to get out. She was gently lowered to ground where she stood surrounded by lots of people giving her love. It was a heartwarming scene. Several months before she had been brought to the Shelby Humane Society pregnant and with a gunshot wound.... unthinkable. Yet, even after all this sweet girl has been through, she was the gentlest soul.

I hope she finds love soon!

Bon Journey and safe travels home to Brooke & Brittany!

~post script~
And just so you know....Brittany & Brooke brought with them a little girl (actually she's five years old) that they thought would make a good sister for Ella. The dogs are in a 3-day quarantine, so we plan on going to see her then! I'll keep you informed!
Also, at the entrance to the Nashua Humane Society is a pet cemetery. You can see some of the markers behind the angels in the top photo. The oldest one I saw dated to 1923, but I believe there are some even older.


  1. STOPPPPPPP! Or I am on my way to New Hampshire to get another dog!! I am crying reading your post!!!!

    I am going to go love on Vince and Roxi now and remind them how much they are loved (as if they didn't already know that)! Vince and Roxi send you, Aunt Joanie, cousin Ella and Mr. ----(heheheh) a big slobbery lick and wag.

  2. A sister for Ella? Very exciting. Can't wait to hear more. Now, I'm off to see Brittany and Brooke's blog.

  3. How absolutely wonderful these girls are!! They really are angels on earth! Thank you for posting this & good luck with the possible sister for Ella. And good luck to Brittany & Brooke!

  4. You are too sweet! I can't wait to hear about how Tuesday goes I hope you come home with a sister for sweet Ella!!!!

  5. *gulp*...I think I just swallowed my heart.

    How beautiful. In sooo many ways.

  6. Thank goodness there are people like you and Brittany & Brooke in the world. What a wonderful initiative. Dogs are so precious..Rachaelxx

  7. Joan,

    Thanks for visiting our blog. I actually found yours this weekend too. our dog, Butters, is a rescue mix who was shipped up to Minnesota by a couple great folks like Brittany and Brooke.

    Love your blog, have found a lot of great ideas to steal!


    Jim and Peter

  8. High five's all around for those awesome Alabama girls! It amazes me the lengths that people will go to to help an animal...what special people they are.

    Ella's getting a sister? Oh exciting is that? You know...the names Sally and Ella go together so well. ;) Can't wait to hear all about it...I'm so happy!!

  9. Consider a boy dog! They are wonderful!


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