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Monday, May 24, 2010

yesterday's find

Yesterday, Ella and I (Dan is out of town) took a lovely drive- past mountains, a lake and fabulous antique houses over to our favorite antique haunt about 40 minutes west of us. This is the same antique mall where I met Matthew Mead a few months ago! It's the best kind of antique mall- a dive, with great prices and merchandise that turns over daily. In fact a couple of weeks ago we found a gorgeous mahogany table to put on our upstairs porch (oops- forgot to show you that one;) and the owner said the dealer had only brought it in an hour before!

So, yesterday I stumble upon this large (30"total) antique iron lantern! Here it is, as found, under a table in the dealer's booth. I hemmed and hawed, and even left the store and sat in my car thinking about it- as it needs tons of work, then realized that Dan would KILL me if I didn't buy it. I'm notorious for not buying something one day and wanting it the next- which sometimes entails having to drive hundreds of miles to retrace our steps!! I never buy to buy, and only buy what I love, and this lantern had my name all over it! Isn't it funny when you look at an antique and think it "looks" like you?!
You may now laugh freely, when I tell you that I hemmed and hawed and the lantern was only $20, but wait... the dealer was having a 30% off sale, so it was really only $14!!!

I was thinking it might look wonderful (after I spend hundreds renovating it!) placed between the french doors on the soon-to-be barn room! So, instead of a light at each door, just one large light to illuminate the whole (what will be!) gravel patio! What do you think?!

As I've mentioned before we live in a very small town, surrounded by even smaller towns, one after another. Our drive takes us through the charming village of Dublin, New Hampshire. This bulletin board is at the corner of the Yankee Magazine headquarters which is right on the road. I often stop to read the local news. This was the message yesterday....I think it a very lovely way to be eulogized.
As I write on my sidebar... if you have never experienced small New England towns it is hard to imagine it. It is very much like stepping back a hundred years in time. Dan and I have traveled extensively across the United States, and we have never seen towns as charming!
I hope you will come visit!


  1. Hi Joan:

    I love the small towns in our area. I did an internship at Yankee Magazine (at a site in Peterborough). Great area. Yesterday, as I was riding through a small town that is on my Tri. bike course, I was thinking how fortunate we are to live in this part of the country. The white clapboard buildings, church steeples, small town centers, love it all!

  2. hi joan,

    what a great find! it is going to look absolutely perfect between those doors. what a charming place you live in. and how wonderful that you know it and appreciate it!


  3. Hi Joan!!!!
    LOVE your gorgeous lantern - and what a steal! You have such an amazing eye for such treasures. And I had to laugh when you said that you sat in the car and hemmed and hawed - I've done that many times!

    And I miss that special New England small town charm. We have small town charm here but there's something about New England that really is of era long past. It's really an honor to live and breathe that culture - I do miss it.


  4. uh...first off, the lantern is completely the wrong style for you. I don't think it'll look good there at all.

    Let me take it off your hands.No really. My pleasure.

    Secondly, yes....New England has it's very own soul. Come visit? Why thanky!I'm sure you have a great spot for me right next to the

  5. Love it! And such a

  6. Hummm....I'll be there in 3 days with a van, maybe once we drop the dogs off we can fill the van full of antiques!

  7. Fine lantern and right for the situation but I hope it doesn't cost hundreds to restore, especially in this economy. As to the New England small towns - they are precisely where I would like to retire.

  8. Love where you live, and also love that lantern! I have a $2 yard sale project I'm working on today ... it's old and quaint! Can't wait to finish it.

    Fun blog!

  9. Love that lantern, I think you have the perfect spot for it on the side of your barn too!

    Having grown up in a small NH town and traveled all over I agree with you, there really is nothing like a small New England town to make you feel like you turned back time.

  10. Hi Joan, I love your lantern, very good choice!!

  11. Can you share the name of the antique store? I would love to add it to my list of places close by.

  12. Hi Joan - I love the lantern, but even more I love imagining you and Ella on a antiquing adventure for the day! Glad you had fun and successful hunting!

  13. Great find! The lantern will look beautiful! Please reveal your favorite antique mall so we can find our treasures too. I am willing to make the 1.5 hour trek for some good deals.

  14. I love the graceful lines of the lantern...and I think gradually restoring it will give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment. More than that, I love your description of the emotional process of acquiring the piece....after all, it's going HOME with you!

  15. Jennemmy & Annoy5:59, I'm happy to share our favorite source! It's "Fairground Antiques" 249 Monadnock Highway, Swanzey, NH
    (603) 352-4420‎. They vacate the building for a couple of weeks durnig the County Fair each year in the summer (and I don't remember when that is), so I would call first to make sure they are open during the days you want to visit.

    Where are y'all coming from?!!

  16. That lantern should keep Dan busy for a while. It is gorgeous! I think it would look wonderful between the two doors too!

    Love the blackboard for announcements and such. Would you post mine there someday? Diddie RIP~


  17. beautiful! congrats on the find!

  18. Oh your part of the world sounds like pure bliss. That lantern is magnificent and you have found the perfect spot for it. A-M xx

  19. That lantern is going to be perfect sitting proudly between your 2 French doors Joan. And talk about visiting, MOTH & I have tentatively put an early Oct. visit to the U.S. in the diary. Your gorgeous Fall weather should be kind to us, so prepare yourself girl, we're on our way!
    Millie ^_^

  20. That heavenly lamp was made to be put between those doors!! WELL DONE YOU:)

  21. That lantern is sooooooo swanky-a$$ cool...secret lingo Linda and I share! Oh my...I adore it! Funny how Linda doesn't think it will either...I think it would be way more at home at my house. What a steal...way to go!

    Love hearing about your travels...makes me yearn for good ole New England...oh yes it does. I was just telling my family the other day about how my friends all had "camps" instead of lake houses or getaways...they simply called them "camps". Love that.

    Love the precious girls from AL traveling with all the adorable pups...what big hearts they have. That Humane Society runs an adoption event every Saturday less than a mile away from us...everyone associated with them are so dedicated to finding those cuties homes. Speaking of...did you pick one out for Ella? She would positively thrive with another pup doen't you think?

    Dying for more pics of the house...unfinished is good enough for me! Hugs...

  22. I just re-visited your Texas house pictures...droooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. Love...pure love. You have the awesome touch my friend.

  23. Love your lantern, your house and your blog. Look forward to getting new updates. Am signing on to be your newest follower!


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