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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Home & Garden tour with Bunny Williams

I know so many of you are like me and love Bunny's book
"An Affair with a House."
This book sits prominently on top of a book table in the reading room!

As some of you might remember, I had the great fortune to visit Bunny's house and even meet the design icon herself!!
You can read about it HERE!

My sister recently sent me this PBS video of Ms. Williams giving a tour of her Connecticut home, and wanted to share it with you!I think the video helps to bring the fabulous photographs from the book together- you can see how all the gardens, the house and the barn all relate to one another.

To take the house and garden tour with Bunny, click HERE!


  1. hi joan,

    if i've never said this before...i love you. thank you so much. this is such an incredible treat!


  2. I've always wanted to buy this book - what a special treat...It's just what I needed to get me to the bookstore!
    I also really enjoyed learning of the plant show...Thanks!

  3. This is one of my favorite design books! Thanks for the video. It was wonderful to see Bunny herself giving the tour and to see some things that are not in her book.

  4. Wow....that was fun! Thanks Joan ;)
    I keep forgetting to put this book on my wish list - thanks for the sure looks like a good one to curl up with and dream away.

  5. The video is absolutely fabulous! Thanx Joan!
    Big hug from a Dutch Bunny Williams fan

  6. ooh! what a great video! thanks for sharing :)
    You know I love anything from Bunny Williams !

    My family and I are good - busy but good - its amazing how many projects (house and business) pop up when the weather gets warm ;)

    hope you are well :)

  7. Joan,

    I have enjoyed Bunny's book over the years and always enjoy new discoveries every time I open it! I also love her book on garden style and find it useful for landscape inspiration. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this video. I enjoyed watching it.

    Margaret, Virginia

  8. Hi Joan,

    I've never seen this book but the cover is beautiful.

    If you're looking for my support, I'd say definitely Paris for a special birthday !!

    Thanks for visiting.

  9. What a wonderful treat!!! I adore Bunny Williams and most especially An Affair With A House. Thank you so very much for sharing this video!!! Bev

  10. Thanks for sharing this video, Joan. I too am a huge fan of Bunny Williams and I have also met her. It was a couple of years ago and she was one of the featured speakers at the Thomasville Antique Show (Thomasville, GA is only about 45 min. north of where I live and I would never pass up a chance to hear her speak). I left my books for her to autograph and when I went back to pick them up I had the opportunity to speak with her and her husband. Most everyone had left and we had a wonderful conversation. I think she is just fabulous.


  11. Thanks Joan,

    A friend gave us a copy of Bunny's book as a house warming gift. What a great inspiration!


  12. You know....I have always wanted her book, but a tropical or subtropical design book trumped it! What a treat. I checked your post out days ago....but knew I didn't have the time to absorb this video.

    That Garden show! Peeing my pants (to be real) What a treat. Reminds me of living in the North east...fulll of Hosta and new green, and beautiful soft grass...and rocks...and streams.

    What a treat!

    Thanks, girlfriend. True thanks for the opp!

  13. Hi Joan!
    I watched the video last night. Makes me want to drive east! Bunny Williams is such an inspiration. I just loved hearing about all the hard work they did themselves when they bought their house. I also found the 'rooms' in the garden to be fascinating and so beautiful. It's wonderful to hear the down to earth personality of someone who has such great vision and works hard for what she loves in a home.


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