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Monday, June 28, 2010


Taking a momentary break from house-projects!
There's just nothing like watermelon to remind you it's "summertime"!
It's toasty and humid here in New England!
Hope you are staying cool.


  1. Hi!!! Gorgeous Joan! What a beautiful porch, a beautiful photograph and boy does that watermelon look good! LOVE the freshly painted house and shutters - so classic. And love the sage green it all. ; ) xoTrina

  2. What a beautiful picture...I love the classic style shutter and the green wicker is gorgeous...I've never seen that color wicker before. Watermelon on the front porch - just what I picture a New England summer to be!

    Sarah xo

  3. I remember Mother eating an entire watermelon when she was pregnant with you and it was a BIG one!! Maybe that's why you like them.

    Your porch looks so inviting! Is that upstairs or downstairs porch?

    Love you

  4. hi joan,

    just classically beautiful. the house looks fabulous and the wicker is perfect.


    ps ~ joan, you have to try this white gazpacho soup i posted today. it would be a perfect meal for you and dan on the porch.

  5. Looks great, Joan. Breaks from house projects are a great idea. Especially when it's hot and humid!


  6. Hi All!! Thank you for your comments!

    Susan- This is the front porch. As opposed to the back porch, and the upstairs porch!


  7. Lovely photo! Stay cool, Joan. The airconditioning has been on round the clock at my house. It's a nice change though from the cool weather we've had recently. Finally, it's summer!

  8. Ahhh. You eat watermelon with a spoon...and is that sugar or salt you have with it? Yuum!

    Happy hot and sweaty summer, girl!

  9. Hi Deborah! Yes, we are so grateful that we put in central AC last year! It has been on for weeks now!

    Oh my.... what an eye you have Miss L!!!
    Kosher salt, but of course!!
    "Diamond Crystal" to be exact- less sodium than all other koshers

  10. Hello Joan:
    What a great photo! Nothing says summer like porch, wicker, and watermelon...and a cool home! Thank goodness for A/C these past few days. I hope that you and Dan are enjoying many hours on your porch. Cindy

  11. It looks so inviting. . .I bet the heat and humidity is not like Texas though.

    Love that photo!

  12. Hi Cindy! Yes, lots of time spent on the porches these days!

    Martha- You are SO right, it's not the same heat & humidity as Texas! In fact I "almost" ;) felt a wee bit bad even complaining about it as my Southern peeps are in the 100's!

  13. Thank-you for your kind comment. This is my first visit here and I am all of the sudden craving watermelon and a front porch like yours. Is that your front porch? I am inspired to illustrate it for you and your home...and that Ella is enchanting.

  14. Hello Patrica! Welcome! Yes, that is our front porch, and OhMy!!.... the house would be so honored to be an inspiration for one of your wonderful illustrations! I remember the one you did for Trina- I loved it!
    Your decription of Ella is perfect! She is indeed "enchanting"! I've been calling her that since I read you comment, and she wags her tail every time!

  15. I love your front porch and the colors. I am a transplanted Southern gal and love it that one can stay out longer with so many bugs especially at twilight, the lighting bug hour.

  16. Hi Joan, so good to be back visiting now that I have a temporary internet connection! Oh your front porch is perfection... straight out of a magazine. Enjoy your time away from house projects... I soooo know how it feels.... so nice to have a bit of a break!... but then it doesn't take long to start craving it again! A-M xx

  17. Each year I forget there are such things as lightening bugs and then one evening there they are in all their magic. It's one of the drawbacks of living on the eleventh floor and not having a garden. I have yet to find a sweet watermelon so far this summer in Atlanta but the temperature has soared to the 90s and it is humid. Have you had the watermelon, feta, olive and red onion salad?

  18. Linda: ahhh yes! the lightening bug hour here is magical!

    A-M: Our break only lasted for about 30 minutes;)!!

    Barry: I have had that salad, and I loved it, but it has been several years now, so thank you for the reminder! I also have a recipe for a watermellon margarita that is out of this world- I should find it and post it!

  19. Hi Joann, another transport to NH is leaving tomorrow and due to arrive on Saturday morning, July 2. I missed you on my last trip and would love to meet you this time if time permits. Please follow our blog!

  20. It's freezing cold here Joan, so watermelon at The Hedge would need to be turned into hot soup to keep us warm! Enjoy your spectacular Summer days while you can, I see snow in your future!
    Millie ^_^

  21. The porch is so beautiful! I wish I could sit there right now!

  22. Joan,
    I just catching up on your blog. I assume this is a photo of your porch since I see the same pea green wicker chair and I can't help notice your beautiful shutters. We they on your house or did you have to buy them. I'm looking for a source for "real" shutters like this. Steve

  23. I'm new to the blog and just read Urban Cottage was looking for a shutter source last summer. We put Timberlane shutters on our 1919 house and although pricey, they are worth every penny!


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