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Thursday, July 8, 2010

the summer mantle

A few photographs of the summer living room mantle, as requested!
The antique chinese blue and white temple jars have stayed., as have the pair of antique mercury glass candlesticks and the English sterling-rimmed match strike. A piece of white coral, a coral fan, a shell and a shell fossil have replaced the conks!

We are thrilled with our recent find of the antique oil painting. It depicts a New Hampshire scene, and is a view that we see quite often across the state. The frame is original, but will have to be restored, as it has been painted with gold paint.

The fan coral was purchased in Maine; I love it's lacy quality. Tucked behind the temple jar you can see the shell fossil.

And, it's definitely summer here- we've been in the upper 90's this week. Today is a warm and humid 86 degrees. We are very grateful that we put in central AC when doing the renovation! Hope you are staying cool!


  1. Hi Joan,
    Your mantle is exquisite. I thought I was mezmerized by conks...I love the fan and shell fossil just as much. Just the right mix of summer and sophistication.
    I admire how you choose pieces for your home that are timeless, one of a kind and just beautiful ~
    Thanks for sharing - I always love to see pictures of your home.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Beautiful room... love the coral fan ! It is a very warm week up in New England... we have no ac... am going to have it installed.. I almost wanted to go back to Texas... uh-oh!

  3. hi joan,

    wow, i just love this mantle arrangement. it is so you (and me.) there isn't one thing i'd change. it is perfection in my eyes. you really have a gifted touch joan. i LOVE your house.


  4. Gorgeous mantel and room Joan! I love it all!

  5. Love, love the little landscape picture! What a great piece for that space.

    Very nice.

  6. Hi Joan- Love the mantle!

    AC is indeed something to be thankful for- a sheer stroke of genius on your part when you moved in. It's been over 100 all week here, and I have never loved our AC more!!

    Happy summer-

  7. Beautiful - love the oil painting propped in front of the mirror. The urn w/the drift wood is so eye catching too.

  8. lovely and such a treat to see your beautiful mantle...

  9. Your mantle is so very beautiful Joan. I particularly love the lacey look of the coral fan. I enjoy your posts anytime you share anything in your beautiful home.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  10. Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. I love your place--gorgeous! You'll have to show off that pea-green ticking sometime.

  11. Joan-

    This is such a lovely composition.
    It's artful and crisp and fresh.
    The lovely white mantel and the prints on the wall make a harmonious and cool setting.
    Best of all: it is all spotless and calm and peaceful. Lovely.
    Cheers, DIANE

  12. I love the nautical touched (sea fans and shells!) And the blue & whites are always a classic!


  13. Hi Joan,

    Love this composition of textures and colors. The mix of the painting, some rather formal items and the things from nature that you so love, is just exquisite .It really is so pretty and seems so YOU.

  14. I like the gold paint on the antique oil painting, although who knows what is underneath (you?). I hope the shells and coral are helping you to stay cool -- if so, send some cool down my way!

  15. Hello dear Joan!
    Your sense of design is just breathtaking. The mantle, the's all just beautiful. And I so love how you incorporate gorgeous works of nature into your home. It's so wonderful to celebrate those works of art made by dear old Mother Nature. xo

  16. Love it all and envy your completions

  17. Hi Joan! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post about my folk's new dog, Kate! I love your living room ~ it's exactly the kind of decorating that I like....I'm SO happy that you found my blog : ) Since you love the same types of things that I do, you should pop over to my giveaway, as I'm asking for design advice and YOU might have the perfect idea. Your dog is precious and I love your quote about simplicity. I'm going to enjoy following you! xx Suzanne

  18. Hi Joan: The mantle is lovely! Cindy

  19. So classically composed. What a serene space.
    Love the collection of objects.

  20. I love antique houses. I restored a 1668 house in massachusetts, Marshfield, and never have I loved a house as much as that house. You have done a beautiful job with styling the fireplace.

  21. I absolutely love your arrangement - the shell fossil is so pretty and delicate and pairs nicely with those Chinese jars!
    It has finally cooled down here a bit today so I'm feeling a little more like myself after walking around like an overheating zombie the past few days!! : )

  22. Joan, I fell in love with your home when I first saw the mantle with the shelf fungi! Now seeing the summer mantle I have to say I love it just as much.
    Hugs, Sherry

  23. simply gorgeous. want to see more!!!!

  24. OK, I love the mantle, but I MUST find out what the fabric is on that chair! Is it an antique fabric?

  25. hi kawooten! The antique chair is as found, and is covered with 18th/19th century French/Flemish tapestry! We found the chair at the Scott show in Atlanta several years ago and fell in love!

  26. What a beautiful mantle and renovation. You must be so happy to have created this lovely nest.


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