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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the upstairs porch

Our house has three covered porches!

The front porch, the back porch off of the kitchen, and the upstairs porch off of the master bedroom!
We use them all daily.

These are photos of, and from the upstairs porch off of the master bedroom.
This porch grants us amazing sky views all day. The evening sky off of this upstairs porch is a thing of beauty! This porch is usually the porch-of-choice for an evening cocktail!

An English rain-barrel (a dolly tub) serves as a table base. Table top is an iron tray from an antique bakers cooling-rack that I sold years ago in my antiques business. Antique brass planter is Russian. Colorado forestwood acts as a backdrop for a fishing float and several candle holders. Chairs are my favorite pea-green/army green! One chair has a pea-green ticking pillow and the other has a burlap pillow.

Distant view facing northeast.

View from porch rail.

Ella enjoys the porch too! We often see deer, and turkeys, and a coyote makes it's way across the meadow every night at dusk! The same meadow where we saw the moose here!
The floorboards on all the porches are mahogany, and have been left to age naturally to a soft weathered-gray.

Fern in zinc pot.
Iron orb.
The zinc pot was a curbside find in Dallas! Dan made the orb from old, discarded wine barrel rings that I also picked up curbside in Dallas!

French doors to the master bedroom.

Antique mahogany table was recently purchased just for this spot! I had "thought" I wanted something larger, more rectangular- but in the end this one is perfect! Isn't it gorgeous?! I love how ornate it is, and that the beveled top mimics the shape of the table itself.

Vintage wire garden basket filled with old Japanese fishing floats. This is but a small assortment of a much larger collection!

The wall medallion is an antique copper ceiling medallion that Dan found at an antiques shop Mexico. Pair of iron lanterns by the chaise from the dearly-missed Smith and Hawkin. The ceilings on all of the porches are painted a sky-blue. It is historic to do so, and I've read it was "thought" to keep the bugs away... we use a skeeter-vac!

Throw-pillows are burlap- I love the color!
Table is vintage found at an estate sale in Dallas many years ago.

Large fishing floats sit next to the chair.

sweet Ella!

Hope you enjoyed the view!
Cheers from the porch!


  1. Joan, as a child I knew that rain barrel as a dolly tub - an old-fashioned wash tub. A beautiful porch, happy and serene!

  2. Hi Joan- I always look up at covered porches to see if the ceiling is painted blue. Does it keep the bugs away- I'm not sure, but it never fails to make me smile.

  3. Blue- that is so interesting! Thank you for the information-- You are so right!, I looked up dolly-tubs and it looks like the wash tubs were then repurposed as rain barrels once they weren't used as wash tubs? I've only seen them called rain barrels, so thank you so much for this info!

    Carolyn- from what I understand it is an old wives tale! I've also heard it was painted blue to keep the evil spirits away!


  4. I can not believe you had a Moose go through your back yard!! I get excited when I see a bunny hopping thru our yard, Wow!

    Oh yeah nice porches too.. I love the blue ceilings, it must be nice to have so many. I've been tempted to demo a bedroom to create a "sleeping porch" but I've been told that may hurt the re-sale value =)

    Sorry the moose got me distracted.

  5. hi joan,

    love, love this porch and everything on it. i especially like the orb that dan made with the wine barrel thingys.

    this is the first close-up of your actual house. i did not know it was cedar shake! i'm so excited to see that. what color did you paint the house b/c in the pics it looks white. do tell. one day soon joan, one day soon.


  6. Angela- yes, a Moose! Can you believe that?!!
    People have lived here for years and have never seen one, so we feel very fortunate to have one in our backyard!

    Janet- It is indeed white!! White with black shutters on the farmhouse portion, and black doors! It was painted last Fall. When we bought the house it was an unflattering shade of yellow. It is much happier being white!;)
    And, I believe you... one day soon!!!


  7. Joan,
    Your porch is absolutely beautiful! I really love the ornate table you found, goes perfectly there. Ella looks as happy as can be with wonderful views to look out on. And love those burlap pillows - what a great idea! They look perfect with the pea-green wicker.
    As always, a work of art...

  8. What a beautiful porch and wonderful views! You will be so proud!

    Have a nice day! Lovely greetings, Ingrid

  9. I LOVE the porch! What an amazing view, I am so jealous of the moose spotting!

  10. It's gorgeous. Does Ella chat with the wildlife she sees from the porch?

    Also, does the skeeter-vac work?

  11. Gorgeous, Joanie! Do you have the lamp that was on your patio in Dallas on the porch too? The view is beautiful and so is Ella.


  12. I've been coveting those old glass net floats on eBay for a long time. Love the gorgeous colors and the various levels of etching on them. I like the pea green wicker too. I think that's a nice neutral.

  13. Hi Joan & Dan: Your porch is so relaxing! The colors, the soft lines on the chairs and tables, the floats and orb, the cushions, the glass of wine (!) What a great view to wake up to and fall asleep to every night! Mike and I saw a moose walking down Rte 49 in Waterville Valley, NH last Sat. at 5:30AM! Even from our SUV, I had to look up to see all of him; very impressive. Cindy

  14. Kathleen- Actually Ella is really quiet; she just watches them, soometimes she does whine a bit! We've had really good luck with the SkeeterVac. The first summer we were here we went to on a local garden tour and one homeowner had the SkeeterVac and a Mosquito Magnet. We asked which one they liked best, and it was this one.

    Susan- actually that iron lamp is now Dan's bedside table lamp!

  15. Joan, I not only love your porches, I want to sit on one with you and have that cocktail! One day, one day..........and maybe you and Dan will join us for a hill country view from our porch,as well, one day!

  16. Three porches??!! Really? You lucky gal! The view from the first was stunning! What a place to end the day.

  17. I love how even Ella enjoys your gorgeous view.
    You've created such a wonderful spot. What a fantastic place to relax and unwind at day's end.
    I love the subtle color of the floats.
    Just beautiful Joan!


  18. 3 porches!! Sounds like heaven to me.

  19. Oh wow, how lucky! Hope you enjoyed that little wine :) Have a great weekend.

  20. That porch is just fabulous and to be just off of the master bedroom, I would be spending most of my time there. I think I would even sleep on it. I am so envious of your porch.


  21. No moose spotting here Joan, just a few noisy koalas & a family of rampaging possums!
    Millie ^_^

  22. What a gorgeous spot, I love the rain barrel and the view is beautiful. I keep seeing your blog on my list and always intend to stop by. I have such little time for blogging unfortunately. I'll do some catching up with you now..Rachaelxx

  23. so glad i found your post! my dining room table has a stack of 'porch ideas' sitting on it. need to meet with the architect and get my porch project on its way! your porch is beautiful, thanks for the inspiration.

  24. I am a porch girl myself- just love them! They are soo relaxing! I love how you mixed the wood furniture with your iron pieces!

  25. I think I just added upstairs porch to my wish list.

  26. Porch perfection. I am a sucker for a good porch... and you have 3. My heart would stop. It would. Oh and your views. I'm dying here. A-M xx

  27. What a truly beautiful place to have an evening cocktail! Everything is just gorgeous, including the lovely Ella. Leigh

  28. Three porches, all beautiful! I've always longed for an upstairs porch, a dog asleep at my feet, a fabulous novel (at least 700 pages long) and lemonade made from real lemons...all at the same time!

  29. Gorgeous views!!! Glad to have found your blog!

  30. I am from the south and have heard that porches were painted blue to keep evil spirits from entering the home. Who knows for sure!

  31. Oh sooo beautiful! I love your porch, and those fishing floats, I would love those as tree ornaments for christmas. Can I get those online someplace?

  32. SOOOO b eautiful!!! wish i was there!!!


  33. Hi Joan, Sucha beautiful porch...and wonderful view of the mountains too ! Thanks for sharing the pics.


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