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Friday, March 30, 2012

let's talk!

 A couple of things I wanted to talk about...

First, I love my All-Clad cookware.  I believe "good" pots and pans can make all the difference in how your meals turn out and how much you enjoy the experience.   I've had several sets of cookware along the way, but was always dissatisfied with one aspect or another.  Though a bit pricey, (which is what I want to discuss) I think All-Clad is worth every penny.  I consider my pots and pans to be an investment purchase.  That said, I've never paid full price for a single piece.   I was fortunate enough to purchase my first "set" years ago from Bed, Bath and Beyond using a 20% off coupon - before they wised up and restricted All-Clad from being used with their coupons.   All my other pieces are "seconds" and came from T.J.Maxx and Cookware & More.
Cookware & More has great prices on All-Clad "seconds," and then.... twice a year they have a 20% off sale!  The sale is going on now, but ends April 1 (note:  the 20% off is off of the prices listed in the link.).  I realize I am late getting this information out, but I didn't want the sale to totally get by without sharing this information.  If interested, you can sign up for their emails and can plan ahead for the next sale (which is usually sometime in October/November.)   The coupon code for the 20% off the All-Clad seconds is on their home page.  I've purchased many times from this company and I usually have to hunt for the flaw in the piece that makes it a "second!"   Just wanted to pass this information along for those of you who might be interested! xx

Secondly, and speaking of cooking, lets talk pancakes!  This little diner, Swanzey Diner,  in Swanzey, New Hampshire has "the" best pancakes in the world!!!  I kid you not.  We drive miles to (occasionally;) have breakfast here!

I have tried my best to get the recipe out of the waitresses, or at least "hints" to what the secret is, but to no avail! 

These are not your typical thick pancakes- they are thin and crispy on the edges, and are out-of-this-world pancake deliciousness!  They are thin like crepes, but do not at all have the consistency or eggy quality of crepes.  So, I was wondering... do any of you have a recipe for pancakes that sound like and look like this?  I've googled (and tried) several recipes for "thin pancakes" (and, no they are not the thin Swedish pancakes either), but they all have been very eggy, and nothing like this pancake which has the taste and texture of a typical pancake, but is thin.  Thoughts, ideas, recipes?! xx

And lastly, Dan and I have finally entered the state of modern technology!  As you can see, my old cell phone was very, very tired!  We both got iPhones, but I must say the screen size of several of the other "smart phones" had me second guessing my purchase.... I would love to know your thoughts on your phone- love it, hate it?!  (I have a couple of weeks to exchange ;)
Since all this new technology is all a bit overwhelming I was hoping you would share your  favorite apps!
Thank you
! xx


  1. I couldn't do without my All Clad, love it! In the long run, it is worth purchasing cook ware since it will last much longer!

    Every holiday, my in-laws would give us a Williams Sonoma gift certificate and that is how I purchased it.

  2. love allclad.
    love the iphone.
    love instagram app.

  3. My mother has All-Clad cookware too. My mother is a fabulous cook and Loves to cook. I have asked to have these beauties in the Will as I am not that fabulous of a cook!

    I resisted an iPhone for a long time. I had a Palm Treo and knew my way around every screen with my eyes closed (not really). I especially liked the raised key keyboard. But I also liked many of the features of the iPhone so I bit the bullet. I’ve had one for two years now and yes, I will admit I’m not sure why I resisted so long. It took some getting used to but it has replaced so many of my other items, everything in one place. I am not app Savoy by any means, I just have a few and I use them a lot. I wouldn’t trade my iphone for any other smart phone on the market; I just wish they would come out with a full key keyboard rather than the touch screen. I’ve sent a few cryptic text messages, I’m just saying.

    A few I’ve paid for most are free:
    Magnifying Glass by Falcon in Motion is my latest app. It allows users to use their iPhone as a magnifying glass and also uses the built in light if needed.

    Shazam is one of those apps that have saved my brain cells. If you hear a song and would like to know who the artist is, this app listens to a portion of the song and then provides complete information.

    Gas Buddy provides gas prices for users with a list of stations in a zip code. Handy if you live where there are many stations to choose from.
    Kindle and nook are free ereader apps. Not to worry users can select the type, size, etc.

    Ambiance I use when I travel and have trouble falling asleep.

    Documents to Go is great if you have documents (word, excel, etc.) that you like to access when you are away from your office. It requires a desktop application and frankly I wouldn’t attempt to type a document on my iphone.

    RDM+Lite is a really handy tool. This allows you to reach your computer via your phone. I have used it many times at the store when I forget items for a recipe, materials list for projects, etc. that I have on my computer. I just link up to my computer, and access the folder I need. This also requires a computer application.

  4. your all clad looks so lovely all lined up joan. i can't help you cell phone wise b/c i still don't have one. my son absolutley loves instagram and i'm almost tempted to get one just for that app.

    have a great weekend.

  5. I have to agree with you, Joan. Swanzey Diner's pancakes are crazy delicious! I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this hidden gem. Hopefully someone can lead you to the recipe!

  6. When i look at those pancakes, the first thing that came to mind was maybe egg whites???
    and, i love love love my iphone! i know the others have bigger screens, but i think the iphone has them all beat. the coolest recent find was that you can get a little fish eye lens to attach to the camera on the phone, so you can take a pic of a whole room!
    Your pots and pans are Beautiful! Thanks for the tip!


  7. They brown similarly to ponnukokur (Icelandic pancakes), which use a LOT of milk and melted butter in the recipe. I'm guessing a regular pancake recipe with added milk and melted butter would get you close. Experimentation time :)

  8. Joan,
    I am so happy you gave me this link to Cookware & More. My pots and pans story mirrors yours...I had about 3 sets of pans before I made the plunge and bought my All-Clad, that was 28 years ago. I love the way they cook. I confess I do love my 2 Le Creuset pans (dutch oven and skillet) but all in all, the All-Clad is the best (that's a lot of "all"). I don't have the iPhone because when it came time to buy a smart phone AT&T had an exclusive on iPhone and AT&T service doesn't work in our area. Oh well, maybe next phone.
    Have a great weekend.

  9. I love my AllClad skillets and have recently been considering getting saucepans as well. I will visit the site you linked. Thanks!

    I LOVE my iPhone. Just the right size and SO much better than the Blackberry I had before. My favorite app is Around Me. When we go out of town and don't know what's there - restaurants, stores, even things like a post office - we use Around Me.


  10. On the pancake front, have you tried Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes? They are the lightest pancakes I've ever had. The crispy edges is most definitely from good old butter on the griddle! Good luck. I'm a pancake lover, so I can appreciate trying to recreate a favorite (:

  11. Just had a couple blog postings of my own on my recent App obsessions:




    Of course Instagram is a MUST!


  12. Like you I have been a progressive changer of cookware. I thought All-Clad was the end, and then I discovered Demeyere Atlantis. In my new kitchen, I am going induction and the Demeyere is wider to allow more contact with the cooking surface. The difference in quality is staggering. And then there is my flirtation Staub vs LeCruset. My husband just sighs.

    My husband got a new iphone last week and the Otterbox (I'm waiting for the iphone 5). It's a work phone and all of the people in his office (he's the oldest by several decades) were like "Cool man, you got the otterbox."

  13. I'm betting those pancakes have sparkling water in the mix. Somewhere I've read that lightens the batter and if you thin the batter a bit more than normal you will get those crispier edges, too.

  14. Hey, those pancakes look like the german eierkuchen/pfannkuchen. If you are interested here is a pretty good recipie for them:

    200 grams flour
    5 eggs
    400 ml milk
    25 grams sugar
    a pinch of salt

    I'm sorry, but havn't checked google for the american mesurements. Hope you'll give them a try and let me know how they turn out! reuter1410 at yahoo dot de

    jenifer from germany

  15. Hope these pancakes taste good to you! I make them for my kids with mini chocolate chips, and they are very thin with no egg flavor.

    1 cup white flour
    1 tsp baking soda
    3/4 Tbl powdered sugar (can adjust)
    1 egg
    Splash of vanilla
    2 Tbl melted butter
    1-to-2 cups of milk to achieve desired thinness
    Mini chocolate chips (opt.)

    Toss everything except chips in a bowl and stir. Start with one cup of milk and keep adding milk to get desired texture. Transfer to a glass measuring cup for easy pouring. Set burner to medium heat and pre-heat pan/griddle. Butter griddle for crispy pancake exterior. Add chips after pouring batter onto griddle. When bubbly, flip. Turn heat down a notch after first batch of pancakes. Enjoy!

  16. I was enjoying reading your post about All-Clad cookware, heavy duty and made in America -- if I ever need to buy more pots I would buy those... But what I really wanted to leave a comment on was your question about pancakes. This is what I think: Those pancakes are very thin (so the key is thinner batter); probably cooked on a stainless steel griddle (don't think a non-stick or teflon coated pan would give that same outer appearance -- I use an electric stainless steel skillet and mine look similar); the griddle is heated with a small amount of oil (to get the crispy edges); about 375 degrees and flipped right when edges start browning. I have a recipe for buttermilk pancakes on my blog that you could try -- sorry it doesn't have a photo, the recipe was added at the request of a friend who had these at our house and just wanted the recipe:

    If you try my recipe, just add more buttermilk than is called for so you get a thinner pancake. Make a test pancake, and if it needs to be thinner, keep adding buttermilk until you get a pancake that is how you like it (then make a note of how much buttermilk you used for next time). It's too bad the restaurant wouldn't share or even give hints on their recipe! Hopefully you'll be able to come up with something that duplicates what you are looking for!

  17. I love my iPhone! There are two apps that are great if you're traveling - iTriage uses your current location to show the closest drug store, hospital, and urgent care facility. And Urban Spoon shows the closest restaurants with ratings and reviews.

    And if you're a list maker, the Notes app that comes with the iPhone is wonderful - all your lists are always with you.

  18. I was going to suggest the Pioneer Woman's sour cream pancakes...but someone beat me to it! :-)
    They might be just what you are looking for...very tasty!

  19. Love my All-Clad too. And now I can say I love my glass front refrigerator--as of yesterday! Ironically, today my cell phone contract is up and I'm due for an upgrade. Hello I-phone, goodbye Droid! The first app I'm getting is Instagram. It's all good! Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Oh, the pancakes look delicious! I would travel far and wide for some of those. I like my pancakes thin so I add more milk. Melted butter can also make them thinner.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Joan!


  21. Hi Joan,
    I am in love with my iPhone. Really. It takes amazing photos, is so intuitive (which is good for someone like me!).
    My fave apps so far are Around Me, Siri (not sure if that is an app or just a feature of the phone), I have a free white noise app that I use at night, the flashlight app is super bright and has really come in handy, shop savvy is great because it reads any barcode and gives you ideas of what the price should be. I could go on and on. But the phone itself is so easy to use. I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I had a blackberry that I wanted to throw against the wall.
    Your pics of pancakes have made me hungry!!
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Love All-Clad. The only thing in my kitchen. :)

    iphone. The best. My husband wanted to try Droid so that we could have Verizon, he hated AT&T. At that time they were the only carrier for the iphone.

    Finally after a year and a half we are iphone users again. I cannot stress how much I hated the Droid and loved my iphone.

    We are Apple people all the way. Can't beat them.

    You will love the iphone.

    If you are in the car a lot a great app is called waze.

    Voice door to door GPS, traffic. It's all controlled by other drivers. The more wazers on the road the better.

    Plus it's a free app. LOVE IT, LOVE the iphone. :)

  23. My easy pancake recipe has nice thin pancakes:

    1c self-rising flour
    1c. mile
    1 egg
    1 teaspoon(give or take) sugar

  24. We have a few All Clad pots and pans but have found problems with some of the non-stick ones.
    We just upgraded to Android phones from Verizon. I love the GPS, Michaels coupons, and Weather Channel apps. Those are the only ones I've used yet. I'm trying to figure out how to save photos sent in text messages.

  25. Hi Joan - I just got an iphone this fall and love it. Don't know how I got along without it. The flashlight app has me curious as it turns the camera flash into a flashlight (which comes in handy for reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant). The pancakes look scrumptious! Jon and I may have to drive to that diner one of these weekends to try them. Looks like you have a lot of great recipe suggestions here.

  26. Oh you've hit on a subject near and dear to me - kitchen stuff. My All Clad pans no longer look as shiny as yours - but still perform great. They are expensive, but the best quality for the price I have found. The only thing better are the Demeyere pans made in Belgium -but much more coslty. Also, you can't go wrong with Le Crueset or Staub. As far as the pancakes -- you might want to try a mix from Williams Sonoma called "Golden Malted Pancake and Waffle Mix". A family member (a former chef who worked in a high end hotel) once told me this was the very same mix the hotel used. I haven't bought the mix in a while, but recall it made a light, crispy pancake and used butter in the batter, so this may be similar to the one you had at the diner. And while we are on the subject of kitchen stuff, I must recommend a set of bowls that I have owned for years and love, the Mason Cash mixing bowls. You may already own these 'made in England' bowls as they would go perfectly in your kitchen. They are a joy to use and have shown up in countless movie set kitchens including "Downton Abbey" and "Julie and Julia." Cell phones, I can't help you with -- mine looks older than the Samsung in your picture, only with a crack in the casing.

  27. I had an iphone 3G from when they first came out. Two years later, I got a generation 1 ipad. Love it! I realized that the ipad could do virtually everything (except make phone calls) that I could do with the iphone.

    After having the ipad for about 6 months, I decided it was pointless to pay the $105 a month for my iphone, when I wasn't getting the use of it.

    I now have a Net10 phone. It's a pre-paid phone - an LG900 - it's a smart phone without all the bells and whistles. For $15 a month, I get 200 minutes of calls (or 1000 text messages).Not a lot of minutes, but I rarely ever make calls. I tend to text more. Now that the ipad has free texting (to compatible devices), I get texts for free from the ipad.

    I still have my iphone, and I can use it for all the functionality I had before (except I can no longer make calls or texts) - it functions as an ipod; I can still use the phones; I can still get online wirelessly. And, I save $85 a month, which in these times of tight budgets is a big difference.

    I couldn't live without my ipad! For those hooked on instagram - you can use it on the ipad, too.

    As far as pancakes - I don't have any recipes for you, although I am curious about your crepes tasting "eggy" - I have a recipe for crepes that I've used for the past 30+ years, and I don't think my crepes taste eggy at all. I love visiting the Ol South Pancake House in Fort Worth for their German pancakes - totally bad for the diet, but totally to die for!

    Have a great weekend!

  28. Maybe they are Dutch pancakes? The Dutch make pannenkoeken that are, to me, a mix of French crêpe and American pancakes. The Dutch sell ore-mixed batter for it, so you might be able to find some in a Dutch speciality shop, but you might be able to find a recipe online.

  29. Joan, if you care about when it's going to rain and when it's going to stop, then there's an app for you. I did a post about it because my niece's husband developed it. Here's the link to the post.
    I would love an iphone, but we don't have service in our area. I have a smartphone, but we just use it as a regular phone because we were trimming the budget!
    I have read recipes for pancakes that use club soda in the mix, but I have not tried it myself. Have a great weekend.

  30. ...i have nothing valuable to add to this am just going to enjoy everyone else's intelligence on speaking of and appthingies...blessings laney

  31. It might be hard to explain to some people, but great pots are crucial to functioning as a good cook. It does make a difference what you cook with and I think that if you go for the best the first time you'll be there so much sooner.
    I'm an iphone user and an Apple product person for many years {MacBook Pro, iPad, ipod}. I love the simplicity of the operating systems and the protection it offers.
    I used blackberry for business over the last couple of years and found it frustrating. I had a regular little phone like your old phone for my personal use - it just working for me. The iphone works for you - it will coordinate all of your programs, sync to other apple systems and has an amazing camera.
    About 20 years ago the I.T. guru at my office switched me to a MAC. I was nervous, but he was right. He said 'once you go MAC, you don't go back'.
    Enjoy it's so convenient.... and email me if you have questions on the operating programs.

  32. Good Pots are important, but I dont 'cook' my food too much these days, I do more raw meals and juicing. But the pancakes, I think I may have an idea. I used to go to this place in upstate New York years ago, and I loved their pancakes, only theirs, they use cornmeal in them...made them nicely textured and added that flavor and were nice and thin not fluffed with air or nonsense. Also one can substitute a tablespoon of ground flax seeds for the egg for a more natural pancake with no sacrifice to flavor or textures. I use "Pamela's Pancake Mix'' from the health food store and they are excellent and healthy too!

  33. When I was getting married 9 years ago, I registered for Emrilware (from Bed, Bath and Beyond) because I saw that it was made by All-Clad. We received the set of Emrilware along with several All-Clad frying pans. I cook often and am picky about my kitchen gear, but the Emrilware (at least the Emrilware that was out 9 years ago) is every bit as good as our All-Clad. I would highly recommend it. Just thought I'd throw that out there for any readers who might find All-Clad out of their budget.

  34. I LOVE my All-Clad!!! I was lucky enough to redo my kitchen 4 years ago and wanted new cookware to celebrate! Sadly a local kitchen store was going out of business and I was able to buy mine for 50% off! I also bought several other pieces in addition to the set - I've never regretted it or looked back!

    This year was a huge technology step for me - I bought my 1st Apple product - a MacBook Pro . . . I LOVE IT!!! We're now looking at the iPhones AND an iPad . . .

    Also, as a technology teacher it's great to have the latest toys! I only wish I could expense them! LOL!!!

    Enjoy your new toy! Everyone I work with who has Apple products love's 'em!


  35. At the present, I have what I brought with me, Creuset and some old very large very good skillets that you can cook a whole meal in. My grandfather was a chef and he told me he could cook a 7 course meal, all in that one pan of his.
    I have yet to try it myself :)

    I miss pancakes.
    They are on that very long list we have of tastes we will have again, hopefully in the not too distant future.

    I got an iPhone last March for my birthday.
    I have used it as a telephone, maybe 3 times :)
    I text with it sometimes but mostly use it as for the Time and to take a sneaky photo ..

    When we get back to the US, it will get plenty of use :)

  36. My best All Clad deals were from eBay, years ago, before it was popular. Now there are too many bidders to get super-deals. However, they're worth the purchase just because they clean up like a dream! Although I haven't made the "Featherweight Pancakes" from Cook's Illustrated, they're known for their extensive research, and they say the key is buttermilk and a combo. of baking powder and baking soda for leavening. Here's the link if you want to try.

  37. I want an All-Clad set but haven't had the guts to spend the money on them! My son and his new bride already have a set and the love them!
    Tha pancakes look sooo good! I hope you find a recipe that satisfies.
    We got the new iPhones recently and couldn't be happier! Our son has the Droid but isn't very happy with it. We compared the larger screens but iPhone is a superior product! The pictures it takes are pretty remarkable too! We're going to get an iPad next! I love my iMac and won't ever go back!

  38. I just got an iphone last week, Joan. I dropped my evo in a bucket of mop water, and it was donezo. They couldn't even export my contacts onto this new fancy iphone ... so I don't have your # anymore. If you still have mine - text or call.
    I like my phone so far - I mean, there are certainly featured on the Evo that made it easier to access my google stuff - but this iphone makes my ipod useless, and I think is a little easier to use.
    I got talked into the same $50 case that you have - the girl at the store laughed about my dropping the other phone and asked if I was rough on phones - well DUH, I just dropped that on in the mop bucket! So, thank you very much Sprint - I now own a phone that cost more than my sofa. LOL!

  39. You may know this already, but Bon Appetit magazine has a section called RSVP, where they publish Restaurant recipes requested by their reader's. You can go to their website, click-on the Contact Bon Appetit, and there you'll see Restaurant Recipe Requests. Just email them, and hope THEY have better luck pulling it out of Swanzey Diner!

  40. I usually make the thick fluffy kind of pancakes and I cook them on an electric griddle. I can make a thinner and crispier pancake if I use a little more milk in the batter and fry the pancakes in lots of butter. Normally I cook them dry.

  41. These look like my mom's pancakes , she would make them when I was a kid, this makes me want them now.

  42. Hi Joan, the hubby and I just traded our phones in last week. We were all set to get the i-phones but changed our minds and went with the droid razor. The screen is hugh and all our apps that we had on our old droid were able to get transferred to our new phones. They couldn't do that if we got the i-phone we would would have had to buy them all again. Also the droid razor has faster internet service. In the end it's all about personal preference. I am still learning how to use the new phone!

  43. I have many All-Clad pots, a Le Creuset and my grandmother's cast iron skillet. I use the All-Clad almost exclusively. The only problem I have had is cooking something in the large pot that requires low, slow cooking. It tends to burn. It may be my Viking gas stove or it may be that the All-Clads I have were made with 3-ply and not good for slow cooking. I have thought of getting a 5-ply. Anyone else have this problem?

  44. I've just found your blog and I know I'm going to love it. Those do look more like crepes but I don't have a recipe for pancakes like that.


  45. iPhone: love

    Pancakes: Someone else mentioned these (Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Pancakes), and they are DELICIOUS! A bit thicker than the photo of yours, but I bet you could thin them out with milk to get a similar consistency.

    The recipe is in her first book, but someone posted about it here:

    Let us know if you figure it out!

  46. Oh, I dream of having All-Clad, thank you for the info!
    Those pancakes look so yummy! They look like the ones my mother used to make which she called Swedish Pancakes, but they weren't too eggy. It will be interesting to see what your readers recommend.

  47. I'll meet you for breakfast tomorrow - table of SIX (babies eating pancakes now ;).

    I have an i phone and don't know how to use it! And when I text people, I often tell them I'm in Dallas.


  48. My hubby bought me an All Clad fry pan several years ago, but I have not used it much. I'm a slave to stainless with coating. But I must dig out this pan and start using it.
    As far as iPhone, I had an iTouch for 2 years and I just recently got an iPhone. It was an easy adjustment as it was so similar to my iTouch. I like my new phone, but I really don't know how smart it is, YET!

    Oh and if you get the recipe for the pancakes be SURE to post it so we can ALL try it :-)

    Jocelyn @

  49. Congratulations on your space!
    The pictures are beautiful!


  50. I haven't started collecting All-Clad yet. Which pieces would you start a collection with?

  51. Just got a new iphone a month ago and love it but still haven't figured out how to get apps....uggh.

  52. I know it sounds pathetic (maybe too strong of a word) to still be using the set of potsI got ,more than thirty years ago. I think it aws a group discount deal at Macy's. I trust you can put them in the dishwasher. I bought some Calpalon for a second home and was really amazed you can't put them in the dishwasher! What??

    The iPhone is the cat's meow! It's the world's best phone. You can even blog on it. If you cant figure out The phone, you are really not into technology and should invite a teenager over for lunch!

    Yep, that's it from Sacramento.

  53. I must admit, no All Clad. I got WagnerWare Magnalite 47yrs ago, and my guy found some more pieces a few years ago. I love it, use it everyday for pasta, veggies but also can cook most anything in my cast iron frying pans and pots. I could get by with 4pots....2sizes of sauce pans, fry pla and kettle. I have way too much except for holidays!
    Mac...Steve Jobs is my hero. Love love love my iphone4s and iPad. I use a Mac to edit video. Apps I love Sketchbook, pages, videoeditorfree,overdrive for the library books. History channel's civil war app.

  54. Those pancakes look like the German kind I use to enjoy as a child with powdered sugar and lemon on them. I am definitely appreciative of my All-Clad. Even gave them as a Christmas present to my daughter-in-law. She loves them too. Love my IPhone. My favorite app is the Accu Weather (gives updates on your area with radar), Tip Calculator, Fox News, Antique Week (to find that antique store in your area).

  55. What can I say you have even got beautiful cooking pans!

  56. Dear Joan - Thank YOU so much for welcoming me to blogland! Looking forward to following your blog, and making a new friend in NH! It's Saturday morning as I write this: those pancakes / crepes sure look yummy :-) Loi in DC

  57. If they are better than Hatchet, they must be good!

  58. I just can't give up the ship for a smart phone! You should hear what people say though, "what is that?!" is pretty common! Actually, since we're moving overseas in a month or so, I figure I'll just wait until we get over there to make the switch. But to be frank, I love my flip phone it does what I need - nothing more, nothing less! Enjoy your new toy!

  59. those pancakes look delish. you will like your iphone. i really like mine...i don't know if i get into it as much as most people. as long as i can make phone calls and do the basics, i'm normally just dandy. but there are some really cool features. hope you like!

    ashley over @

  60. Joan,

    I had a cell phone in Germany and used it for emergencies only; when we moved home to the US last summer, I got an iPhone and LOVE it! Can't live w/out it! I use it constantly!!! The only app I have is a radar scope for following tornados (we're in AL) ~ don't think you'll need that one, but is just one of the things I am enjoying about new technology as it keeps us just a little safer. :)

    I agree w/ the comment about the camera on the iPhone. It takes really nice pictures. Looking forward to seeing what other apps your readers recommend!

  61. Good for you to talk about All Clad. I was one of the first cook-shops in Canada to carry them. They are worth every penny:) 15 years ago, the price was a shocker, but I never had a complaint and once people bought one, they continued to buy more. Happy Cooking!

  62. Thank you SO much for all the pancake recipes to try , for all the APPs to try and for telling me about your phones!! Y'all are THE best!! xojoan

  63. Hi, I'm new here but old every other way. I'm a mom to 3, granny to 11 and great gran to 1. I've buried two husbands now, one when we were 21 & 22 the second a few years ago. I live in KS in a restored craftsman era cottage in an edgy inner city neighborhood with brick streets and sidewalks. Need I say that I adore old houses? I bought my pots and pans, Farberware back before good one were trendy. I'd run rather quickly through ceramic and teflon and was looking for something better. The old 8/10 Farberware is great but the thin new stuff is not from what I've heard. Like everything the old company sold out to made in China so make sure it's the 8/10 as it's still available but not carried by the chain stores. About the pan cakes.....try thinning your batter and greasing your griddle very well so they can spread. A bit of standing oil hels get that crusty edge. I learned from an uncle who was a chef. I hated my mom's pancakes and finally figured out the difference. I've eaten some that used 7-up for part of the liquid and they were marvelous. As for cell phones you are not getting any help from me. I'm disabled do a degree by fibromyalgia so I don't get out enough to need one very badly. Mine is about the same as the one you are grieving. I'm taking very good care of it as I don't want, need or am up to learning all the new gadgets on a replacement. My big contribution to society is transporting dogs who have been rescued from puppy mills or kill shelters and getting them to a safe place. I love Maltese the best but transport any. I have four rescues here right now but two are about socialized enough to go to a new home. I've been to NH one time for a wedding shower. It was a wedding in MA when the leaves were at their peak and I loved it there. So, now you know all about me except that I keep 3 of my grands four days a week. It's way to much for an old lady but I've had them since birth and wouldn't know how to fill my days w/o them. I'm an expert with Barbies and Jacks but don't find much competition in my age bracket. LOL

  64. I've never heard of All- Clad but they look great - I actually have stainless steel Ikea saucepans that I bought 10 years ago that are still pristine and I cook everyday!!

    I have an iphone and adore it! It is so easy to use and I use the camera alot. It's also really good for email and I bookmarked my blog and facebook page eg and so you can check for updates really easily. The ONLY negative I would point out is that the screen size is a bit on the small side for regular internet browsing although as I've said it's fine for looking at quick updates! A friend of mine recently got a Samsung Galaxy 2 and the screen size is a much better size on that!

    Will look for old pancake recipe for you - can't find it at the moment!


  65. Thank you so much for featuring All Clad in this post. I live in the town where All Clad is manufactured and I'm lucky enough to be able to attend their factory sale twice a year. I have acquired my entire collection at very good prices. And as you said, it is an investment that lasts. Working with my pots, pans, roasters, sauciers, makes me want to cook.
    My favorite apps:
    Gas Buddy
    Deal News
    The Weather Channel

  66. Hi Sweetie - I need to fess up that I'm still using the original set of saucepans I bought as a 19 yo bride. 37 years on their copper bottoms have stood the test of time, wish I could say the same about mine. They've also lasted 2 husbands, now that's scary.

    I've just ditched my Crackberry for an iPhone in the new job. I've had an iPad for a year, so I'd gotten used to the OS & LOVE it. No wonder RIM are struggling. All the kids have promised to send me their fave Apps., I'll make sure they are 'suitable' & then let you know. I have a feeling I'm about to see some pretty dodgy stuff though. Do tell us what you are going to load as your Ring Tones, go on, shock us!
    Millie xx

  67. Three of my favorite things in the world: pancakes, iPhones and All Clad--and pretty much in that order too. Give your iPhone time, it's what the phone can do beyond the screen size that you will love. Plus, for once, something electronic is easy to learn to use. As for the All Clad, I like how it performs, but keeping it looking nice is a pain. I use Barkeepers Friend, but it still always looks spotted--probably because I don't hand dry it after I wash it.

    Now on to the important business of Pancakes! I know pancakes. They were a speciality of my mom's, fluffy, with crisp edges and I've never, EVER had them served to me the way she made her's. So here goes. First start with a good recipe. I use the Griddlecakes recipe from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook. It calls for 2 tablespoons each of sugar and melted butter and most recipes use less sugar and oil in place of the butter and you can taste the difference. These are sweeter, richer. (If you can't find the recipe on line let me know and I'll send.) Then I use the Buttermilk option where you use some sort of sour milk. I put a tablespoon of white vinegar in a one cup measure and fill the rest up with milk. Add a bit more milk than the recipe calls for--not as thin as a crepe batter but thin it out a bit. Next, use Crisco to grease the pan--not oil, not butter. And don't just "lightly grease" the pan! You want to see a bit of grease floating in the pan, but you're also not deep fat frying them either. Next, the pan has to be hot enough before you add the Crisco. Test it with a splash of water. Finally, make them four to a skillet instead of one giant 'sweat pad' as my mother called them. If you get it right the pancakes will be fluffy in the middle with a big, fat crisp edge. Good luck! Hope you have success! Now I'm gonna go make a batch for myself. Love your blog!

  68. All Clad cookware is so beautiful and top quality!! I still have Catalonia, and do like them.

    The pancakes look delish, I would love to know the secret!!

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  69. I was fortunate enough to receive the All Clad 40th Anniversary Pan for Christmas (the all stainless one) and I love it. If you don't have it I highly recommend it. I want more so I will head over to the link you provided and do some shopping. Thank you.

    Love my IPhone - so easy to use.

    Great Grandma would make us Swedish Pancakes when I was young they were soooo good. These may be more on the thin side but they are delish.

    1 qt buttermilk
    3 eggs
    1 t salt
    1 t sugar
    1 baking soda - heaping
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 1/2 cups flour

    Now I am hungry for pancakes. :)

  70. Hi Joan,

    Those look like sourdough pancakes. Check out Man vs. Food Alaska Sourdough Pancakes.

    Mrs. P

  71. I use the all clad pans myself and love them. We've also been to that diner but a bit far for breakfast.

    I've tagged you over on my blog Joan so stop by and see when you have a chance.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  72. Hey Joan! I to have aquired a collection of all clad through the years...they wear wonderfully, and it appears they will last a lifetime! I am not completely in love with my iphone yet...but wonder if I don't have a lemon or something. My husband is working on some apps.

    I just did a post on my little suzzani (ish) iphone sleeve that I DO love.

    Happy pancakes! With Maple doubt. slurp.

  73. I love my All Clad too! I think they rate up there with Le Creuset for a lifetime of happy cooking...nothing compares to either!

    Mr. 24 are still in the dark ages where cell phones are concerned...we have flips, but I'm very eager to move forward in this area...although being accessable to everything and having everything and everyone accessable to me at all hours has me a little skittish...I'm trying to hang on to some bits of time in the day where I'm tech free.
    Best of luck...and those pancakes look yummy!!!
    xo J~

  74. Joan,

    I absolutely adore my iPhone and find that whenever I'm in a pinch and need quick information like an address or a phone number, to send an e-mail, or even to find a restaurant nearby, my iPhone has ALL the answers! A great app to find restaurants nearby is called Urbanspoon! You should definitely check it out!

    I'm also thrilled to see that you love All-Clad cookware! I see them all the time at my local TJ Maxx and have always wondered about the quality. I should have known since I've drooled over countless things at Williams Sonoma! Next time I'm at TJ Maxx, I think I'll have to start my collection of All-Clad!


  75. We were an eyelash under the 11:30am cut off period for those delicious pancakes at the Swanzey Diner today, and that's not an April fool's joke. Out of this world, and those of us in NH& MA better run, not walk to the diner soon as it is "For Sale"! Very much worth the 100 mile round trip from Nashua. Thank you for the suggestion.

  76. These pans looks great!
    ...and I I would like to eat a piece of that pancake :D
    Nice week.

  77. I could not live a day without my iPhone. The others simply do not compare! Keep will come to adore it!

  78. All cald will be my next purchase but i absolutely love my le crust dutch oven. i love to cook and it is perfect for stews and soups.

  79. Hot oil for cooking and a thin batter are the keys to crispy pancakes. The thicker the batter the thicker the pancakes.

    My son-in-law swears by an I-phone. He compared and owned them ALL!

  80. I switched from my blackberry to a Iphone this year and I LOVE it!

  81. much more to talk about!
    Just because it has not been said, try soymilk instead of milk some time. I did that once in an emergency and it had the kind of result it sounds like you enjoyed. And of course, all the other suggestions.
    As for my iphone, it's the first time I did not have buyer's remorse. Ever. I love it.
    Finally, I just started using cast iron, as that came highly recommended by your good blogger friend. How does All-Clad rate safety wise? I guess I could look it brilliant bloggers are going to have me chasing my tail soon. ;)

  82. Pretty pans! I've always thought All-Clad was pretty.....maybe someday we'll switch ours out.

    I gotta say I'm pretty partial to my galaxy android by T-mobile. Sooooooo easy to manage (and I'm no techy) and awesome apps. :) Has everything I need!......and more!


  83. Saw this recipe and thought of you as they are thnner....

    I have not read all the comments but it looks as though you got some ideas here:)

  84. Yes..i finally convinced my husband I NEEDED the iphone...I'm very happy, still getting used to it and my daughter Loves instagram. I still don't know all it's capabilities...

    I really, really need some pots and pans. I bought my CHANTEL cookware from Williams Sonama for my birthday about almost 25 years ago and they are done..stick a fork in them, done.

  85. Just discovered your blog - am loving it and wish I had a spare few hours to read EVERYTHING!

    Iphone Apps: Wunderlist is the very best to do list I have found and you can share it between you and your husband.I also use the Living Earth app for weather - beautiful to look at.

    In regards to pancakes - I think you should try the British version - Hugh Fearley-Whittingstalls is the closest to perfection.

    The secret to a great thin pancake is to let the batter sit overnight - oh and lemon and sugar and cinnamon... yum!

  86. Welcome RuthieBT! That is too funny as just today I was telling someone that one of my favorite things about the iPhone is the "notes" for making list and that I can email it to Dan!! He was so excited about that feature... not:) I will look into Wunderlist. I would love one (free;) that I could cross out things on the list. And, thank you for the pancakes- I've never heard of letting them sit overnight- very interesting!

  87. Anon 3/30 9:13- My apologies, I didn't reply to your question.... I would suggest starting with a 12" fry pan and a saucepan with lid.

  88. Lots of comments here, but I will post anyway--my mother makes pancakes like that-and has for the past 40 years. Allshe does is use LOTS of grease. No special water, not even from scratch! They are made with a mix too--like Aunt Jemima.

  89. Also-I must try that Swanzey Diner! Always looking for great places to eat breakfast. Thanks for SHARING!

  90. My Husband surprised me with an iphone for Valentines and I would not want anything else! I have never had a smart phone, and yes, the other screen sizes are bigger, but for that matter, I would rather then have the new ipad , and really get the benefit of the wifi and large screen. PLUS I got a cute kate Spade Cover for my Phone 4s!

  91. I am, surprisingly, addicted to my iphone. I am not a techie but the iphone is amazing!!!! I tell people that once you go iphone you can never go back!! My husbands' was stolen and he decided to go a different route and cannot wait to get another iphone asap!!I now want an ipad - everyone else in the fam has one.
    You will grow to love it- it has an app for everything :)
    Marci e

  92. Good grief, I feel like I live under a rock:) I don't have any all clad, I don't have an I phone. No advice from me, sorry! IF we have any money left after building this house I will get some all clad. Don't know about the iphone:) IF you find a good pancake recipe PLEASE share. I LOOOOOVE pancakes. Now I want a stack:):) Happy Easter to you and yours. XO, Pinky

  93. I love my All Clad!
    Pancakes look great but only two? ;)
    I had the same Samsung for years it seems and just got my smart phone in December. I love aspects of it but really it's just too small for interenet as far as I am concerned. Good luck!

  94. I have eaten at the Swanzey Diner before! Although, I have to admit it has been a very long time and I have never had the pancakes. I am going to have to go back and try them now! And I got an iphone this fall after having had a blackberry and oh my goodness! It is amazing. I will never ever go back. I don't know how I ever lived without it! I hate when people say that, haha, but it's true!

  95. Probably by now you've gotten to the crisp pancaskes....just in case you are still fine tuning the process...As Mary has mentioned, your griddle/ pan has to be hot (fairly hot) and test with a splash of water, just sprinkle some and your see it form droplets that bounce off it. Then it would be an vegetable oil with a thinner batter. Lower the heat as your pour the batter and they come through fairly easily. A heavier base griddle helps.

  96. Try these. We had pancakes similar to your diner's out here in IA at a little German place. They've been out of business for a while, but I've been craving their pancakes too. Gonna try these tonight!

  97. My mother has All-Clad cookware and love All-Clad skillets. Recently she asked me to getting saucepans for her. I will visit your link.
    Though my mom use All-Clad, personally I love Demeyere Atlantis from It bit expensive but the price worth it if compare with its quality. The difference in quality is staggering. Demeyere is suit for induction since it wider to allow more contact with the cooking surface.


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