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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

a quick update!

My very next post is a wonderful book give-away, so you won't want to miss it:)  
But, until then I wanted to share with you some fantastic news....
I am so happy and thrilled to tell you that one of my readers, Amy M., is adopting sweet, sweet Nanny, mentioned in my last post HERE on the Lytle Texas Animal Control !!!!
I am over the moon for Amy, her family and for sweet Nanny! 
And.... she's coming to live in New Hampshire!!  Nanny will arrive on transport on May 14th and Amy has kindly invited me to come meet the transport and Nanny !!!  I'm sooooo excited and I will be sure to share photos on Instagram with you!

Also, with your help, K.A.R.E. was able to reach the gofund me goal for precious Petunia's surgery!
Thank you SO much to everyone who adopted;), donated, shared, liked, forwarded the link, commented, etc.  !
Please remember to keep Lytel Animal Control in mind if you are looking to adopt!  
You are the best and I thank you so much.


  1. I rescued a Plott Hound and he was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the honor of rescuing. Smart also! Best wishes to Nanny on her adoption!

  2. This is such happy news. I'm so happy for the dogs and the owners, it makes me smile. Thank you for your good work on their behalf.

  3. Awesome news!!! It's amazing what the Internet can do when put to good use!

  4. Such great news! What a wonderful home she will have!

  5. The excitement is palpable. I'm so happy for everyone...especially Nanny :) :)

  6. much older sister susanApril 12, 2016 at 7:13 PM

    HURRAY for Nanny and HURRAY for Amy and her family! Rescue dogs are the best and the people that adopt them are too! Good job Joanie!!

  7. Such WONDERFUL news!!!! Thank you for letting us know.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the celebration of Nanny's arrival on Instagram.
    Congratulations on being a wonderful matchmaker!

  9. You may have just prodded me into making the jump into the world of Instagram. I have an account, and folks assure me that it's something that I will really enjoy ... made for me, in fact.

    1. Connie, you will LOVE IG!!! I love it as a visual diary. A snapshot of little things in life that you might otherwise not remember- sweet moments captured all in one place!

  10. How wonderful! I am so excited for both sweet Nanny and Amy!

  11. We adopted sweet Breezy from Lytle Animal Control in February. Bringing her into our family was one of THE BEST moves we ever made. We love, love, love our former little Lytle Girl. I encourage any adopter to check out this wonderful rescue!

  12. That is so wonderful! Well done Joan!!

  13. Joan,

    I always love getting good news. I also love that another Texan is going to be a New Englander!

    All my best,

    Mary (Ruth's dog loving sister)
    Fairfield, CT.

  14. Great news! I don't see why anyone would not want to do adoption. Sadly, a friend of my sons had to give up there beloved dog and they were told they would be kept informed of his whereabouts and less than 2 days he was adopted and it was such a relief and joy that their dog found a new, loving home. A happy ending for sure.

  15. What wonderful news! I cannot wait to see the photos of Nanny's happy homecoming!

  16. Hello Joan! I was wondering if you could please bring some attention to another dog in need of a home? Do you know Ellie of Have Some Decorum? She adopted an adorable dog in Provence who had lived in the shelter for four years! Her health has taken a downturn and she cannot care for him. You can see his sweet face here
    It's so hard that he's in France as I know many of us would cover a lot of ground in the states to get him. I'd really appreciate your sharing it as you have the magic touch with helping animals. Thank you!


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